Fake Smiles // OPEN RP

Paying attention in class, something she normally did but today she just couldn’t. Her pencil scribbled on the paper that she had in front of her. They weren’t really scribbles but just doodles of different things; it ranged from flowers to random people. She kept her head down all of class and luckily for her, the teacher didn’t call on her to answer any questions about whatever they had been learning. 

Why was she in this mood? It all started with this morning. Her dad, Emile Javert, had yelled at her for hanging around people he didn’t think were good influences to her. He had finally found out what she did after school but it didn’t bother her very much. She had snapped back at him leaving without another word. He would be gone for the rest of the week anyways, going off doing what he does for work. 

The bell rang making her jump out of her thoughts. Estelle didn’t think she could go through another class listening to everyone talk and teachers’ lectures. She packed up her stuff and made her way to the back stairwell. The brunette threw her shoulder bag to the side making a thud with some jingles from her key chains on the zipper of the bag. Estelle sat down leaning against the wall, the coolest making her sigh with some relief. She bit her lip closing her eyes. Tears welled up in her eyes but she tried to keep herself from crying. Stubbornly she wiped the tears away giving a small gasp as she tried to calm herself down. “Shit…don’t cry..”

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